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15 attractive colors for the interior of your home!

LIZA stain-resistant fabrics for upholstering sofas, chairs, armchairs, etc.


LIZA stain-resistant fabrics to upholster your upholstered furniture. And they are not only stain resistant. The Liza Fabrics collection includes 3 more incredible properties. They are oil repellent, pet friendly, prevents peeling. This will definitely lead to a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

The 4inONE Section Fabrics are created with a special Cabanes & Ortuño technology. It provides them with durability, protects the fabric from deep dirt and bacteria. Prevents unwanted balls from forming on it. It also makes fabric the most desirable material for pet owners. The 4inONE treatment can be applied to each collection of C&O fabrics.

The LIZA fabric has a modern and unique engraving. It has body, soft and very pleasant to the touch. 

New collection of fabrics treated with 4inONE to facilitate the upholstery maintenance on a day-to-day basis.

4 main characteristics which will make this fabric ideal for busy homes or areas without compromising the fabric´s durability:

• Water repellent
• Oil repellent
• Anti-pilling
• Pet friendly

Oil-repellent fabric is largely similar to the waterproof fabric. The use of this treatment on the fabrics results in both highly water resistant and highly oil resistant. These fabrics manage to repel dirt providing benefits to the piece of furniture such as staying clean for a longer period, faster drying and protection from water and oil spilling.
Pet safe furniture is stain and scratch resistant with plenty of space to cuddle.

This treatment can be applied on some other collections.

If you love your pet, you will love 4inONE forever!

Modern print, super soft touch, breathable and anti-stain.






Washing machine, maximum 40 degrees. Do not use harsh agents, just neutral detergents. It can be ironed on the back side of the fabric at 110º. Do not use drying machine. Professional dry cleaning.


The latest trend in 100% polyester.





  • Composition: Polyester 100%
  • Width: 142 Cm.
  • Weight: 602 m/L
  • HS Code: 60053700
  • Abrasion resistance: (ISO 12947/2): +40.000 Cycles Martindale.
  • Colour fastness: (TS EN ISO 105-B02-2014): 4
  • Rubbing Fastness dry/wet State: (ISO 105-X12): 4-5
  • Tear strength warp / weft: (AATCC 136-2013): 83N/55N
  • Pilling resistance: (ISO 12945-2-2000): 4


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