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We are proud of saying we are formal Recovo´s partner. Changing our production process and making it more SUSTAINABLE. We try to reduce the impact from our collections on the planet by selling our deadstock fabrics to minimize textile waste and extend the life of materials globally to re-create new designs.

We have joined Recovo aiming to have a low impact on the environment for future collections.


sustainable fabrics for furniture


Recovo has created the Circular Heroes movement. A community of fashion brands and textile suppliers united to fight the industry’s waste problem where Cabanes & Ortuño takes part of it. More than 92 million tons of textile waste are generated each year, creating enormous amounts of toxins and greenhouse gases that have a major impact on the planet. Fighting textile waste has risen as one of the major issues that the fashion industry must deal with today, both morally and legally after the latest legislation on the issue.

Giving a second life to perfectly good fabrics has a positive impact on the planet. In 2022 Recovo and the circular heroes community have saved up more than 3 million liters of water and avoided more than 13 thousand kg of C02.


sustainable fabrics for upholstery


Our partner, Recovo, provides deadstock fabrics cycling to the fashion industry by keeping in contact sellers & buyers. Every time deadstock fabrics are consumed, Recovo sends an impact report showing saved resources on the fabrics per meter and the positive impact your buying had of choosing recycling fabrics.


sustainable upholstery fabrics


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