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Luxurious, Durable, Reliable, Stain repellent


Lush fabric from Crypton Home


Lush fabric

Lush fabric from Crypton Home has a velvety feeling with nice looking and soft to the touch.  This woven offers protection and the promise to the meet the expectations regarding actual and future specific needs.  Flawless fabric to be washed, sanitized, pretty and sustainable. Trusted by most of the best designers and offered by the main textile brands… it is everywhere.  Highly resistance to water and oil stains and great durability throughout time. Easy to clean. Permanent protection. High performance when softly cared. Free of PFOA, PFOS, PFC or VOC.  GREENGUARD Gold certified.







Velvety looking, durable and soft feeling.
One of the best selling of our fabrics.


⦁ The stain repellent and dirt removal make cleaning easier.
⦁ Soft and pretty.
⦁ Perfect on a day-to-day basis
⦁ Non aggressive agents used.
⦁ Removes both water and oil stains.
⦁ Each fiber is protected for the lifetime of the fabric.
⦁ Resistant to microbes causing bad odors.
⦁ Easy cleaning without harming cleaning agents.
⦁ Design durability.
⦁ 2 years guarantee.
⦁ Tested, processed and innovated in EE.UU.




Intelligent Fabrics are created by the latest and most modern technology at the moment. They are designed to be used on a day-to-day basis. They have great durability so that your upholstery lasts longer and looks better. Like all the best home technologies, start fabrics are comfortable, pleasant and will make your day life 100% easier. These fabrics are Crypton Home, highly effective fabrics with amazing properties. They provide durability to your furniture.

Crypton Fabrics have highest resistance to stains, bad odors, humidity and microbes as they offer strength and high use. In addition, they are soft to the touch, pleasant and comfortable. We supply them in different patterns, textures and colours. They have the property to look like velvet, linen or cotton to perfection. With these fabrics you will never worry of getting white colours for your sofa.


Lush fabric from Crypton Home is a high performance engineered upholstery fabric which gets to be transformed at a molecular level offering durable protection against stains, humidity and odors. This fabric is aimed to homes with children or/and pets, highly active people, those who prefer a relaxing atmosphere with light colours for their upholstery, etc.


In frequently used living spaces as family rooms, living rooms, recreation rooms, children´s rooms, or any other space used for entertaining.  Places for rent or even with high transit of people coming and going.  You can also be used for pieces of furniture in the kitchen, bar stools, dining chairs, headboards.


You can use it anywhere you might need special protection!


Tejidos anti manchas y olores 



Beautiful & smart fabrics for your home designed for the real life.



Highly efficient fabric for indoors trusted by million people.

Part fabric. Part magic. A soft place to land.

Tejidos anti manchas para sofás




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