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Fabrics to upholster white sofas

You always wanted to have a light colored sofa. Now it is totally possible with our Crypton fabrics

Fabrics to upholster white sofas, without stains
Create a bright, warm and welcoming home with our Crypton Fabrics, with which you can upholster your white sofas. They are created with special patented nanotechnology, which makes them the most durable and resistant fabrics. This technology is built into every cell that lasts a lifetime. In this way the fabrics become fabrics that are more resistant to stains, odors, bacteria, wear, etc.

With us you will have perfect comfort that you see in magazines. Cozy and bright interior. Also white furniture, no worry for dirt and stains. Cabanes & Ortuño together with Crypton, we offer you the best fabrics on the market for your upholstered furniture. They are easy to clean, and are created especially for your homes.


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