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What is Crypton?



Fabrics Intelligences


Cabanes & Ortuño, together with Crypton, embark on the project to introduce the latest technology in Smart Fabrics with nanotechnology for the upholstered furniture sector.

Crypton, is an American company founded in 1993, they have been innovating for 27 years to provide the best fabrics for home and contract. Smart fabrics, with a powerful anti-stain, that take care of the environment, high quality fabrics and resistance. They make life easy and continue to exceed expectations.

We offer the world's most reliable, eco-friendly and high-performance fabrics.

Our products are not only smooth and beautiful, they are also designed to perform and have different levels of protection depending on where they will be used. In situations where high demands can be placed on the fabric, Crypton offers superior performance with exceptional protection against stains, moisture and odors from water and oil-based stains. Crypton also offers the guarantee of antimicrobial (and stain resistant) technology permanently bonded to the fabric, for the life of the fabric.

We also offer a line of fabrics specifically for residential use - Crypton Home. Crypton Home is the perfect combination of beauty and durability. These fabrics are with the performance characteristics of the Crypton fabric, but designed for use in the home.

Together we share a passion for living clean, which is why our goal is to make cleaning easy and simple. Maintaining the beauty of upholstered furniture hasn't always been easy – until now!





Beautiful, Intelligent Home Fabrics designed for real life. 




Crypton fabrics provide freedom to your home. Crypton Home fabrics are cozy, carefree and loaded with style. Designed and sustainably made, with permanent stain, spill and odor resistance and EPA-approved disinfectability.



Intelligent fabrics for indoors is what Crypton provides with the same technology as our fabrics which are made to be used intensively for long time without sacrifying how they look and feel. 


Tejidos Crypton anti manchas  


Their stain repellent excellence makes cleaning much easier on a day to day basis.  They resist unpleasant odors.  Soft, beautiful and perfect to create a nice atmosphere wherever they are.  Water and oil repellent to relax while dining on the couch. Great selection without restrictions, including line, velvet and many more. No aggressive chemical products.  Each of the fibers are protected for a lifetime.


Testing is frequently carried out

Tejidos anti manchas para tapicería 

 Crypton Home fabrics go through strict testing to prove their lifespan qualities as indoors upholstery. Printings fully fulfil or even overtake the 30.000-50.000 Wyzenbeek rubs.
 Testing includes piling, ripping, stain resistance and inflammability.


 Protect your home. Protect our planet. 


We, at C&O together with Crypton, well know that protecting your home cannot work against nature and our planet. That´s why we believe sustainable solutions should be a must. We are proud of the technology used at C&O, as well as at Crypton´s, as much as our products. We are constantly innovating and make a big effort to create new ways for a better world to live in.

⦁ Crypton´s technology has their GREENGUARD Gold certification using a silver ions technology. In addition, they do not use lixiviate antimicrobial agents.
⦁ Crypton´s fabrics do not have potentially harming levels of PFOS, PFOA, formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates nor bad odors or skin sensityzing agents.
⦁ They do not have halogenated flame retardants. For instance, PBDE.
⦁ Crypton is proud to be a member of Sustainable Furnishings Council.
⦁ Crypton maintains an ongoing recycling program of manufacturing remnants.
⦁ The green manufacturing facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina, has achieved to get validation from scientific certification systems (SCS) for third parties which confirms that our products and manufacturing products accomplish all requirements and some other optional credits for FactsCM (INSF 336), assessment standards of sustainability of commercial upholstery fabrics.
⦁ Cal 117, NFPA 260








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